Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mom Beats Breast Cancer

On October 26th my mom finished her last of 6 chemotherapy treatments for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and we are relieved and proud to say she is cancer free!!! My mother is the most amazing, strong, courageous, postive person I know. I admire her in so many ways. She has handled this bump with grace, humor, faith, and dedication. Everyone she comes in contact with can't believe how well she has done, how positive she is, and how she keeps going and going no matter what. I know my moms attitude and determination have made all the difference. She has taught me that nothing can bring you down, not even cancer. My mom is everything to me and I can say this has been a challenge for all of us to deal with, but we have made it through another crazy year and can celebrate the end of this year knowing my mom is going to be okay. That is the greatest gift of all!! I thank my lucky stars everyday for the success of her treatment.

My mom has had the best doctors, nurses, specialists in the nation. I feel so lucky that we had them to help her beat this. Chemotherapy was such a scarey thing for all of us to think about. She handled it "above average," as her oncologist would say. She never complained not once throughout this whole process. She is a truly remarkable!!! Mom has brought the humor out with her wig calling it,"Cousin It". She makes bald beautiful!!! My mom has one long hair on top of her head. My parents refer to it as "Curly". No matter what humor helps any situation and I am so proud of both my parents for keeping the humor, love and support for each other throughout this.

To all our friends, family that have helped us and supported us through this we all thank you and love you!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New York City and Bryan Adams!!!!!

I had to share these pictures with everyone! Jason and I just got back from New York City this past weekend. I can tell you we had the best time ever! My husband is soooo wonderful and set up this amazing weekend for us. First we got on a train and headed into New York . It was beautiful. We didn't want to drive cause the snow is sooo bad and the traffic is a nightmare, so the train was the best and most relazing way to get there. When we got there we arrived at Grand Central Station which is where all the movies are filmed. It has huge clock right in the middle and it is a beautiful building. It was so cold and we were waiting for a taxi forever, but he was the taxi switch driver time and I couldn't take the cold so I decided to walk and Jason followed, we didn't know it at the time but it was about 13 blocks of walking, lets just say we made sure we got a taxi to head back on the train to go home! We arrived at Time Square where our hotel was. We stayed here in July of last year and loved it. Its the Crown Plaza at Time Square and you walk out of the hotel and you are right there with all the shops, food and everything.
That night we went and saw my favorite music artist ever! Bryan Adams. I have loved him since I was 11 years old. He was playing at the Beacon Theatre which is gorgeous! The concert was amazing. It was just him and his guitar. He is an amazing performer and I never wanted the night to end. It really brought tears to my eyes of how awesome it was and brought back so many wonderful memories of my years in Centerville with my friends. Thank you so much Jason for an amazing birthday! Bryan Adams is heading to Boston soon I want to be a groupie and follow him now hahahahaha! I love the concert and what another great memory for us!
After the concert we came back to our hotel and found a fruit platter with a bottle of wine from the manager welcoming us back. Jason is a VIP and we get so many perks its awesome. We then ordered Cheesecake, and Chocolate Cake. You have never had Cheesecake till you have had New York Cheesecake. To Die For! Our room was on the 32nd floor and the windows were circular in our room so you could look out and see all of time square! Beautiful! I can't tell you how amazing it is to wake up and look at all the beautiful buildings around. I loved it!
The next morning we got up at 7am and headed to NBC studios to see if we could get tickets to Saturday Night Live. When we got there the women and the counter gave us a crazy look and told us we had to be there well before 7am to get the tickets. Wow, okay next time we thought. We then decided to go see the Today Show. As soon as we got there we headed to watch it from the gates and out pops the weather man and I got right next to the gate and we got on TV. It was the weekend anchors so we got to see Amy last name I don't know and Lestor Holt. We got two more tv appearances after that and I can now say it is my 4th time being on National TV. Let me know if you need authographs. We then went and saw Rockerfellar Center where the ice rink is and saw everyone ice skating. I didn't want to ice skate cause it was to freakin cold. We then went to go get hot chocolate and headed back to room to see what to do for the rest of the day!
For lunch we went and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp House right on Time Square. It was sooo good. Skrimp and Crab Bisque along with fried shrimp. mmmmmmmm We then decided to go wait in line to see if we could get tickets to see a Broadway show. They are on discount and so we thought now was the time. We ended up getting tickets to see Chicago! It was playing at a theatre right accross from our hotel so it was easy to get too. Love that! At 8pm we headed over and I got to see my first Broadway play! We got great seats up front, but here is the deal breaker. We were hearded in like cows and the seats were so close I was practically on the persons lap next to me. Not good! After 27 years of dancing and performing I was really thinking I was going to be blown away cause its Broadway right??? Wrong, I was really disappointed the dancers were off beat which I was like what the ****? The band members were on stage picking their noses and yawning and talking with each other, which is very unprofessional I thought. It was good and a great experience to say I saw a show, but as far as it being the most amazing performance ever, noway! Jason and I are glad we did it but that was probably the last time we see a show down there. I think I will shop next time! They weren't Bryan Adams thats for sure!
The next morning we headed out and came back home to find our roof leaking all over the walls. I have people coming tomorrow to come and fix it. Not the kind of Welcome Home we were looking for, but we had a wonderful weekend and still on living on a high from it. Nothing can bother us right now. I hope everyone gets a chance to go to New York sometime. You will never want to leave! I am already counting days till we can go back! How bout Valentines Day Jason???

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello friends and family! Jason and I have been traveling straight now for a whole month. We went and had some quick trips in Utah and Wyoming, then headed to Denver for thanksgiving. I stayed with my family for 2 weeks and Jason headed back to Connecticut to work. After I got back from Denver we headed off to Montreal Quebec Canada. We have had so much fun the past month and it has been very busy! I got all my photos updated so hope you enjoy.

In Utah got to see my sweet twin girls. We love them and miss them sooooo much. They really are the sweetest most precious things in our lives. We then got to take them home in a horrible snow storm. Not Fun! In Denver we had a tasty meal my mom prepared for Thanksgiving. She is the best cook ever!! It felt so nice to be with my family. I miss them so much and hate saying goodbye to everyone. Once I got home we got to drive to Quebec which is about 5 in half hours from Connecticut. It was a beautiful drive and we got to go through New York to get there. I love New York and think it is beautiful. Jason had to work in Quebec and I got to tag along so much fun. We had dinner at 5 star restaurant with his co workers and I got to have Creme Brulee. To die for!! I love the french and their pastries and cremes. We got a tour of the city of Montreal which is beautiful and all decorated for Christmas! I did some shopping which I am sooo glad I took french for 4 years I could say hello how are you, and thats about it. If the cashiers kept asking me questions I didn't understand I quickly left the store hahhaahha. I know they were saying something about a crazy american pretending to speak french, anyway it was a blast. I never thought I would have this opportunity, so feel very lucky to have a passport and travel with Jason. We hopefully get to go back next month yeah and see a hockey game!!!

On the 15th we celebrated anniversary number 3 yay!!!! How lucky I am to have Jason as my husband. For our anniversary he got me front row tickets to see Bryan Adams in concert in New York in January. I am so excited. Bryan Adams has been my favorite singer since I was 11 and it has been a dream of mine to see him in concert. We get to go stay in new york again and I can't wait. Too much fun!

Most of all just want to let everyone know how much we miss our family and friends. Jason and I will be alone this Christmas and excited to be together but hard being far away. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I hope the spirit of Christmas is always with you no matter where you are! Love to you all

Tami, Jason and of course Greta and Grace!

Denver Thanksgiving and Mom's Birthday


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rhode Island

Hi to everyone! This past weekend I went to Rhode Island to see my husband who is working in Warwick RI till December. I must say I feel really lucky to be able to travel and see all the beautiful places out here. Warwick RI is about 2 hours away from our house in Goshen. Keep in mind I am still driving my Chevy Cavilier around with Utah License plates soon to be change to Connecticut. I had a great time visiting Jason. We got to go eat at some fabulous restaurants, and most of all have a great time just seeing Rhode Island. I got commented on my neat accent I had, in which I replied, "What Accent?" Anyway I got to go to the ocean one day while Jason was working. I have turned into a complete lighthouse freak out here. I did our whole guest bathroom in Lighthouse decorations so I love it. I got to go to Conimicut Point Park and see the Conimicut Lighthouse, which is on the top 25 best lighthouses in New England. I can't tell you how much I love seeing the Atlantic Ocean. I have seen the Pacific my whole life and to get to see the Atlantic is an amazing experience. The day I went I saw a bunch of Sailboats. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Also I am a huge fan of Ghost Hunters aka "Taps" on the Syfy channel. Okay I can't watch it while Jason is gone but I always have it on while he is with me. hahaha. So while watching the show we saw that there headquarters is in Warwick RI, seriously I freaked out and Jason and I drove 10 minutes from his hotel to where they tape their show. Small building but overall fun fun fun to see. I became a fan when I was working in Estes Park Colorado and they came to the Stanley Hotel to tape a show, so now that I got to see where they started is way cool. Enjoy. Miss and love you all!!!!!