Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mom Beats Breast Cancer

On October 26th my mom finished her last of 6 chemotherapy treatments for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and we are relieved and proud to say she is cancer free!!! My mother is the most amazing, strong, courageous, postive person I know. I admire her in so many ways. She has handled this bump with grace, humor, faith, and dedication. Everyone she comes in contact with can't believe how well she has done, how positive she is, and how she keeps going and going no matter what. I know my moms attitude and determination have made all the difference. She has taught me that nothing can bring you down, not even cancer. My mom is everything to me and I can say this has been a challenge for all of us to deal with, but we have made it through another crazy year and can celebrate the end of this year knowing my mom is going to be okay. That is the greatest gift of all!! I thank my lucky stars everyday for the success of her treatment.

My mom has had the best doctors, nurses, specialists in the nation. I feel so lucky that we had them to help her beat this. Chemotherapy was such a scarey thing for all of us to think about. She handled it "above average," as her oncologist would say. She never complained not once throughout this whole process. She is a truly remarkable!!! Mom has brought the humor out with her wig calling it,"Cousin It". She makes bald beautiful!!! My mom has one long hair on top of her head. My parents refer to it as "Curly". No matter what humor helps any situation and I am so proud of both my parents for keeping the humor, love and support for each other throughout this.

To all our friends, family that have helped us and supported us through this we all thank you and love you!!


  1. That is so great to hear! We love your mom and are so glad to hear that she is cancer free. Thanks for updating.

  2. Absolutely the best, greatest, most fantastic news ever! Your mom is such a wonderful person and I am not surprised to hear about her positive attitude during her fight. I'm sure it helped her a lot to know that she had such a great husband and daughter at her side! I will always and forever love your family!!!